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A Belated Ostara Blessing

I'm new to being Pagan. I'm even newer to being comfortable letting people know I'm Pagan.

Even just the other day, a friend of mine mentioned that I'm a witch in front of her kids. The youngest thought it would be funny to say that she's now afraid of me. An eight year old who has known me her entire life, who I've fed, watched, played with, and has no reason whatsoever to fear me, is now afraid because I don't share the beliefs of a majority of people.

Now, I'll get over it. It's really not going to change who I am or my practice. I'm mostly just sad to admit to myself that my heart is a little broken. That I let it get to me, or somehow prove that I shouldn't be my true self around everyone.

On the flip side, today I received an Ostara candle in the mail. It's gorgeous and so very thoughtful. Ostara is my second favorite Sabbat, and I didn't get to celebrate this year due to work being so busy.

So, just this small gift, which I'm sure the sender thought of as just a nice thing to do comes at the perfect time. Because what it really shows is acceptance. It says "I don't celebrate this thing, but you do and that's great." It says I have a safe place to be myself around this person. And for it to happen for Ostara, a celebration of good things coming, of renewal and hope, I choose to see it as a Blessing indeed.

Candle: Ostara Blessings from Lunar Source.

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