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I'm herbalist and green witch based in Colorado. I have only been practicing for a few years, and thought it would be lovely to have somewhere to write down my thoughts about my journey along the path I've chosen or find myself on. 

Since many Pagan paths are based on the individual, some of my thoughts may be helpful. Some may not. It's okay to take what you need and leave the rest. I'm not here to tell anyone how to practice. I'm just documenting my path. I have been thinking about a blog for quite some time, and finally started because I made some cookies for Imbolc (2022) and had an overwhelming desire to share the recipe.

If it helps anyone decide whether to read my winding and sporadic musings, here's my current path ~ 

I am a solitary practitioner ~ mostly because my previous experiences with religion has soured my spirit towards organized practice. I'm also married and he is not Pagan, so I do my best to be unobtrusive to him. Just as I expect him to respect that my beliefs are not the same as his, I respect that his are not the same as mine.

I am Pagan, but not Wiccan. I am drawn more towards nature and its cycles than deities. This is probably also attributable to past religious experiences.

As an herbalist, most of my interest lies in natural healing. I shy away from chemicals and man-made medicines as much as is practical/practicable. I'm very middle of the road. Have a migraine? Take some aspirin. Willow bark is only so helpful in those situations.

I am enamored with the Moon and Water, which probably has to do with being a Taurus / Willow Tree sign(s).

I celebrate the eight Wheel of the Year Sabbats (though each to varying degrees) ~ and my favorite way of celebrating a Sabbat is through baking, though decorating and other small practices have worked their way in to my life. All of which are grounded in finding comfort with my path and life. 


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